Codependency | Many people wrap their happiness around controlling others. That may work temporarily, but ultimately fails, leaving the codependent feeling exhausted, confused and often angry. I work with codependency from Pia Mellody’s model, treating codependency as a condition of immaturity, working with clients to discover and learn to develop a preference for adult behaviors, thus improving their self-esteem and enriching their interpersonal relationships.

Sex and love addiction/recovery | A Certified Sex Addiction Therapist trained and certified through Dr. Patrick Carnes, I treat the addicted person or the co-addicted partner. I work with these clients to create meaningful treatment plans, encouraging them to utilize 12-step support. Using EMDR and Somatic Experiencing I help clients deactivate triggering impulses. I also work with love addiction/love avoidance and relationship addiction, trauma bonds which can occur between family members, friends and colleagues.

Healing trauma | Until addressed trauma, abuse and neglect may have residual effects that can cause clients to compulsively repeat harmful behaviors. Unresolved trauma can also manifest as depression, anxiety, problematic anger, sexual dysfunction and chronic physical pain and illness. I treat trauma release through a variety of modalities including Somatic Experiencing and EMDR, helping clients resolve triggering episodes, relinquish self-harming behaviors and choose self-caring behaviors.

Couples and marriage counseling | Increasing emotional, intellectual, physical, sexual, and spiritual intimacy is key to my work with couples. After teaching improved communication skills, I guide them to identify shared values, teach them to better negotiate wants and needs, and assist them as they integrate ways to reinvigorate their relationship.  I have extensive experience in helping couples repair the effects of an imbalance in power, in exposing and beginning to heal the consequences of deceit and infidelity and in working with individuals who demonstrate narcissistic behaviors.

Mind, body, spirit wellness | Using the work of Daniel Amen, MD, I help clients identify the parts of their brains that may be over- or under functioning and explore potential ways they might assist their brains to function in better regulation. Supporting clients to live more fully in their bodies, I work with clients to increase their ability to reduce anxiety, regulate emotions and better manage daily stressors in ways that may improve overall health. 

Balance in professional and personal life | Some clients confuse what they do (or how much money they make) with who they are. Utilizing my broad-based business background I work with clients to realize recovery around perfectionism and work addiction. Thus, they are more able to create meaning and worth outside their professional lives.

Midlife issues | From a strengths-based perspective, I work with clients who struggle with midlife challenges—hormonal shifts in men and women, low-sex relationships, performance anxiety, marital discouragement, career transition, loss of a sense of life’s meaning, troubled relationships with adult children, caring for elderly parents, and a sense of spiritual alienation.

SASSS Workshop | I co-created and facilitate a 2-day workshop called SASSS, Sex and Spirituality for Seasoned Sisters.

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